Changes to the governance

The evolution of the governance is a priority in our establishment in order to clarify the respective missions of the different governance bodies, improve the commercial reactivity, strengthen the culture of economic profitability and ensure the neutrality and objectivity of the decision-making bodies.
In this sense, it has evolved to become a modernized and appropriate organization, more transparent than the existing " Board of Directors / General Manager". In accordance with the overseas ports reform Act n°2012-260 dated 22nd February 2012 , Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes is governed by :

a Management Board ;

a Supervisory Board ;

a consultative Development Board : which distinguishes the missions of control and strategy, the missions of management and the advisory aspects.

This new organization employs fewer directors but it will receive the support of experts, in order to guarantee the neutrality of the debates among the decision-making bodies. Its goal is to work for the general interest, and to rebalance the existing composition of the Council, for the benefit of local communities, to foster the integration of the Port in its territory, and take account of their growing involvement on the funding of infrastructures.