Our missions
Refocused Missions

The Ports reform refocused our missions on the basis of a « landlord » model with public ownership.

From this time onward, the port focuses on providing facilities to users, as well as administrative services and services of common interest while the installation and exploitation of the superstructure are to be carried out by the users. It obtains the ownership of port land and facilities and is responsible for its development, enabling a much more efficient management of the land resource. It also remains responsible for the management of the State missions.

The mission assigned to Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes is to manage the port installations and maritime accesses to the port facilities under its jurisdiction :


the port of Jarry on Baie-Mahault,

the port of Pointe-à-Pitre,

the port of Basse-Terre,

the port of Folle Anse on Marie-Galante,

the Bas-du-Fort Marina (leased by concession since 1st January 2006).

It is charged, within its jurisdiction, with implementing the principles on sustainable development in compliance with competition rules and is entrusted, in prescribed form, with the following missions :

the provision, operation and maintenance of maritime accesses ;

policing, safety and security, as defined in the provisions of title III, book III of the Transport Code, and the missions which contribute to the correct operation of the port ;

property management and development ;

nature management and conservation ;

the construction and maintenance of the Port's infrastructure, including  basins and storage areas, as well as land access and terminals […] ;

[…] the development and management of Port's industrial and logistical activity zones ;

the actions of Port's general promotion.

In the freight sector, Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes' main areas of activities are cargo traffic both for imports into the Guadeloupian Archipelago and for exports to Europe and the Caribbean but also transhipment traffic. As for transportation of passengers, it involves the traffic to the islands of the Guadeloupian Archipelago and the Caribbean, as well as cruise shipping home based and port of call. Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes is also entrusted with the management of port land which lies on more than a 100 hectares and especially the industrial and commercial value-adding activity zones .