The operating order for the warehouse in the Jarry international trade zone (ITZ) stipulates that there must be a facility for collecting and storing firewater, with a capacity of at least 2,100 m3. Storm water from buildings A, B and C, and surface waters from the ITZ pass through the basin so that they can be treated before being discharged.

The watertightness of the open-air basin built in 2019 (size 15m x 200m) could no longer be guaranteed because the liner that performed this function was damaged by a variety of factors (UV, animals, vegetation).

This made the rehabilitation of this basin a priority, especially to ensure compliance with the ICPE (facility requiring environmental protection) order of the International Trade Zone. The first deals were entered into January 2021, with works finished to standard by May of the same year. The main improvements brought by this undertaking relate to:

  • Prolonging the life of the facility (fitting a suitable waterproof membrane, adding relief stacks, anchoring the membrane, etc.),
  • Refurbishing the facility to ensure it operates correctly from a hydraulic viewpoint,
  • Enhancing maintenance conditions (accessibility and solidity),
  • Laying the sea water for fire extinguishing network under the surface,
  • The basin, thus revamped, will remain within the current facility.


The overall costs of this undertaking is €1.1m excl. tax, with the State contributing €0.28m as part of the stimulus plan.