The Route du Rhum, a legendary race

Forty years ago, Michel Etevenon created the Route du Rhum, today’s most legendary solo yacht race. Since its first run, the race is still held on that very same route between Saint-Malo in Brittany and the islands of Guadeloupe. Today, it goes by the name of ‘Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe’ thanks to the strong support initiated by the race’s exclusive major partner, the Guadeloupe Regional Authority.

As the historical finish line of the race, the richly storied port of Point-à-Pitre continues to welcome the event with open arms. As they finish their transatlantic course, each and every one of the race’s solo sailors are hailed as heros as Guadeloupean enthusiasm rains down on them.

First it was at the Bas-du-Fort marina, then at the Darse, followed by the Place de la Victoire from 2002. Since 2018, the ACTe Memorial has hosted the arrival of sailors. With its extraordinary architectural design, the centre has become a powerful symbol of the collective memory, a tribute paid by the course to the West Indies.

A key partnership with the Guadeloupe Regional Authority

The financial backing from the Guadeloupe Regional Authority helped put Guadeloupe in the spotlight. Such visibility offers economic benefits on par with the indisputable potential of archipelago and inhabitants. While the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe is an internationally renowned sporting event, it is also a true vector of economic development for the islands, not only because it promotes local know-how, but because it shows the attractiveness of the archipelago to a national and international audience. The Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe is also an opportunity for the Guadeloupe Regional Authority to solidify its commitment to the development of the sporting industry, and more specifically, the region’s sailing activities.

A spectacular departure and spirited arrivals

The 12th edition of this legendary, single-handed yacht race will stay true to its original course between Point du Grouin and Guadeloupe. The starting gun will fire on 06 November 2022 as the 120 solo sailors divided into six competing classes set off to cross the Atlantic.

As the first sailors cross the finish line, the entire island of Guadeloupe will welcome sailors from the other side of the Atlantic with great enthusiasm over fifteen days of festivities shared with the general public. People come together in Guadeloupean villages to celebrate and share in the unique emotions associated with the event, further engraving the course in the legend of ocean racing!

The mission of Guadeloupe’s port communities

To implement sanitary measures for this edition, besides the usual 400 metres of pontoons made available by Guadeloupe’s Grand Port Maritime, the Marina will be equipped with 50 brand new eco-mooring systems. The competitors will thus be welcomed in a way that meets the standards of the archipelago’s ambitions. Also, to best manage risks associated with wide public interest in this epic event, instead of designating a single village to host the race’s fans like in the past, this year’s festivities will take place in several locations and villages spread across the territory.

For the Guadeloupe Port Caraïbes, the ‘Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe’ is a mainstay. The competitors’ arrival area, the finish line and the Basse-Terre buoy are all integral parts of the port waters. The commitment on the part of the Guadeloupe Regional Authority and its collaborators goes well beyond a technical partnership, because sailing is an economic driver at the core of the port’s strategic project as well as one of the blue economy activities.


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